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Launch: Wednesday, September 12th

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JV Contest

Most Unit Sales From
Sept 12 to midnight Sept 21st

1) $1000.00 Cash

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4 - 8) $50.00 Cash

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Link To LeaderBoard: Leaderboard is LIVE -- Check your Stats here...

Who's On Board so far?

John Rhodes, Jay Boyer, Daniel Hall, Jim Cockrum, Paul Counts, Matt Rhodes, David Vallieres, Keith Dougherty, Deborah Drum, Amy Harrop, David Rosales, Harlan Kilstein, Tony Laidig, Andy Brocklehurst, Shawn Anderson, Steve Lindhorst, Neil Ferree, Sam England and many more (email me to add your name: james@thenetresults.com


Front End Product: Profits In Advance

Now You can Make Big Money For Your Book Idea... before you begin to write it... (and even if it's your very first book).

What do these writers have in common: James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Stephen King? Great Storytellers?

Yes... but what's more important is: They Get Paid in ADVANCE for their books! They make thousands, sometimes millions, for their books before they write a single word!

Now there is a way for us independent Authors -- YES, you and me -- to get advance money for our books. Just like the big name writers backed by the giant New York Publishing Houses!

Now, let me be clear... I'm not talking "millions of dollars" here. But wouldn't it be nice to get some upfront money... BEFORE you even begin to write your book? A $1,000.00. $2,000.00? Maybe even $5,000.00 in advance?

With Profits In Advance you can do just that by using a concept called "Crowd Funding".

The lead in product is broken up into 18 short Video Modules which detail each step in the Crowd Funding process with lots of exanples.

Each Module has Video, MP3 and a PDF.

Also includes Bonus Quick Start Mind Map to help the viewer get up to speed quickly!

OTO: Kindle Success Blueprints

This step by step course shows people how to get started with their first Crowd Sourcing Project: Their First Kindle eBook. After people purchase Profits In Advance the next logical thing they are going to want to know is how to get started with their first Kindle eBook. Kindle Success Blueprints shows them everything they need to know to publish their first ebook successfully. Everything is broken down into an easy step by step blueprint. Includes:

Niche Selection Content Creation Formating Publishing Promoting and Ranking

Follow the Kindle Success Blueprints and the reader cannot help but have a successful ebook in no time!

Launch: September 12th - September 21st


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