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"100% Front End Commissions.
50% OTO Commissions."
Lifetime Residual Commissions!

Lead Product: Pathetic Money Maker -- $7.00
(Note: Low Price Means you'll get an extremely high conversion... were seeing 20% and higher with these $7 lead in products)

Product 2 (OTO): Pathetic Money Maker Outsourcing System -- $87.00
(OTO Conversions for this product are running at 18%)

Product 3 (OTO Downsale): Badger Software -- $27.00
(This is a HOT Easy Button Software solution -- people are going to buy this like crazy!)

Residual: Drip Feed Products -- $7.00 to $297.00
(Since your buyers are Database Cookied you'll earn Lifetime Residual Commissions on my leading edge Software and Training Courses -- even if you NEVER promote again!)

Launch: Tuesday, October 23rd

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You'll get 100% commission (minus transaction fees) on the front end $7.00 offer and 50% on the $87.00 One Time Offer. Plus LIFETIME Residual Commisions! Commissions are paid weekly.

JV Contest

Most Unit Sales From
Oct 23rd to midnight Oct 31st

1) $1000.00 Cash

2) $500.00 Cash

3) $250.00 Cash

4 - 8) $50.00 Cash

Automatically Updating Leaderboard (Very Cool!)

The Leaderboard is tied directly into my Order Processing System so it's updated with every sale... You'll get a link that will allow you to access the Leaderboard and see exactly where you are in the sales contest at any given time.

Link To LeaderBoard: Will be available when we go live on Oct 23rd

Who's On Board so far?

John Rhodes, Jay Boyer, Daniel Hall, Tony Laidig and many more (email me to add your name: james@thenetresults.com


Front End Product: Pathetic Money Maker
Price: $7
Commission: 100%

Component #1: Pathetic Money Maker Core Manual (38 pages, PDF format)

  • This is the meat and potatoes of the entire case study. It contains every single thing you need to know: the exact niche website that is printing me checks, exactly how I built it using 100% FREE content, what I did to get traffic, how I got my high-octane backlink, and much, much, much more.

Component #2: Pathetic Money Maker Quick Start Guide (7 pages, PDF format)
  • I want you to be able to get started as quickly as possible. The Quick Start Guide will enable you to build your first Pathetic Money Maker as quickly as humanly possible and gives step-by-step instructions to do so. Just follow the steps, reference the core manual, and you'll be well on your way.

Component #3: Pathetic Money Maker Resources Guide (6 pages, PDF format)
  • There are a huge number of resources included in the core manual, and I don't want you to miss ANY of them. So, I've broken out all of my recommended resources and tools, many of them 100% FREE, for you to exploit for your own Pathetic Money Maker.

Components #4, #5, #6: Pathetic Money Maker Templates (DOC format)
  • This system involves a small amount of content creation. To make things ridiculously easy, I'm going to provide you with 3 different "real world" templates that I've used in my Pathetic Money Makers that have been very, very successful for me. In fact, I'm even giving the content to you in .doc format so you can use it as a template when you generate your own content.

OTO: Pathetic Money Maker Outsourcing System
Price: $87
Commission: 50%

  • 11 Step-by-Step Training Videos for your Virtual Assistants (value: $497)

    Just hand these videos directly to your virtual assistants to have them create new PMM websites based on the specifications I've laid out. These videos are unbranded, easy-to-follow, and show your virtual assistants exactly what they need to do to rapidly and perfectly build your PMM websites to make you money.

    These videos are designed to help your virtual assistants get started as quickly as possible. It's professional training so they'll respect you and your business...and will want to help you grow fast. (These are also useful if you want to watch a video of the entire process yourself!)

  • 8 Super-Fast Outsourcing Templates for your business (value: $297)

    These templates enable me to seamlessly use my virtual assistants to build new PMM websites for me. These are essential for managing your business and helping you save money with your VAs.

    These templates provide a variety of functions, such as enabling your VAs to create press releases and pages for you (without any branding - they'll never know about PMM!) and enable you to easily review and manage the work of both you and your Virtual Assistants.

  • 2 Bonus Case Studies (value: $47)

    The Patethic Money Maker System has been one of the most successful models for my students ever. As part of the PMM Outsourcing System, you get full access to brief interviews I took with two successful students, Ben Yau and Kimberly Aita.

  • Virtual Assistant and Manager's Operations Manual (value: $197)

    These operations manuals are used by you, your virtual assistants, and your virtual assistant managers to give VAs a readable document to supplement the videos. This makes the process 100% clear to them and saves you from having to waste your time answering tedious questions.

    These manuals also instruct your virtual assistants to report to you with a daily report of their progress. This keeps them active, and they'll know that their progress is being closely monitored.
  • 4-Hour Outsourcing Training Videos (value: $97)

    4-Hour Outsourcing is one of my most popular courses ever. It's a series of 5 complete training videos, designed to help you understand the entire step-by-step process of using virtual assistants. It also teaches you how to become the "New Rich" and effectively use outsourcing to build a business...automatically.

  • 1 Year Certificate for One (1) E-Mail Consultation (value: priceless)

    The most valuable component of all, I'll personally grant you a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on any single PMM website that you present to me. I'll make suggestions for changes, if any are applicable, or you can use the opportunity to ask me a question about your business.

    This certificate is valid for 1 year, so you can "save" it and use it later if you want advice on growing out faster, or you can use it sooner if you're the type that wants assurance you're on the right track. The choice is yours!
  • HOT! Get a complete Enterprise License to our new Amazon Money-Making Tool

    We've codenamed this powerful tool Badger...

    This powerful piece of software allows you to rapidly research and build perfect PMM reviews in a matter of seconds.

Launch: October 23rd - October 31st


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