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"100% Front End Commissions.
50% OTO 1 Commission ($127.00 price)"
50% OTO 2 Commission ($27.00 price)"
Lifetime Residual Commissions!

NOTE: The OTOs are converting at 27% in testing!

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Lead Product: 4-Hour Software -- $7.00
(Note: Low Price Means you'll get an extremely high conversion... were seeing 20% and higher with these $7 lead in products)

Product 2 (OTO): Software Executive Look-In -- $127.00
(OTO Conversions for this product are running at 13.6%)

Product 3 (OTO Downsale): Selling Software Workshop -- $27.00
(At this price people are going to buy this like crazy!)

Residual: Drip Feed Products -- $7.00 to $297.00
(Since your buyers are Database Cookied you'll earn Lifetime Residual Commissions on my leading edge Software and Training Courses -- even if you NEVER promote again!)

Launch: Wednesday, December 26st

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You'll get 100% commission (minus transaction fees) on the front end $7.00 offer and 50% on the $127.00 AND $27.00 One Time Offers. Plus LIFETIME Residual Commisions! Commissions are paid weekly.

JV Contest

Most Unit Sales From
Noon Dec 26th to Midnight Jan 2nd

1) $500.00 Cash

2) $250.00 Cash

3) $100.00 Cash

Just added: Most First Day Unit Sales:
Noon Dec 26 - Noon Dec 27th (all times are ET)

$250.00 Cash

Automatically Updating Leaderboard (Very Cool!)

The Leaderboard is tied directly into my Order Processing System so it's updated with every sale... You'll get a link that will allow you to access the Leaderboard and see exactly where you are in the sales contest at any given time.

Link To LeaderBoard: http://thenetresults.com/productlaunch/index.php?plid=35

Who's On Board so far?

Daniel Hall, Andy Brocklehurst, Justin Quick, Ian Middleton, Deborah Drum, Amy Harrop, Scherie Lee, Justin Quick, Scherie Lee, Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman, Steve Lindhorst, Kimball, Dave Henry, Jerry Kuzma, Dave Osmonson, Andre Arnett, Connie Green, David Rosales and many more (email me to add your name: james@thenetresults.com

Product Overview

Front End Product: 4 Hour Software
Price: $7
Commission: 100%

Everything you need to create your own highly-profitable virtual software business is provided inside the 6 training modules, from beginning-to-end.

After watching, reading and/or listening to 4 Hour Software, you'll understand everything you need to know:

  • How to use your imagination to build software
  • How to leverage your software as an asset
  • How to start small and grow your business
  • How to work with programmers with no money down
  • How to find and hire the best programmers
  • How to improve existing software for profit
  • How to think up new software ideas
  • How to build any piece of software in 6 steps
  • How to advertise and promote your software
  • How to give away free copies of software for profit
  • How to make programs simple and easy-to-use

OTO 1: Software Executive Look-In
Price: $127.00
Commission: 50%

  • Software Executive Look-In Membership (Value: $2,997)

    As a VIP member of the Software Executive Look-In program, you get 12 weeks of direct access to a simple member's area that contains multiple updates each month from me, my programmers, and my personal assistants. (Note: You have permanent access to the content after the 12 week period ends.)

  • Instant Access to the 2011-2012 Software Development Archive (Value: $2,997)

    When you join the Software Executive Look-In program, you get instant behind-the-scenes access to my archive of existing software products.

    As part of the Software Executive Look-In program, you get to see how every dollar was spent and exactly what was produced.

    You get full access to these 2011-2012 software programs.
  • Unrestricted Personal Use of Software Developed (Value: $1,997)

    In addition to "behind-the-scenes" access, you also have the opportunity to see and use the final products that we create. In most cases, you will get free access to useful programs and tools that you get to watch us create!

    Obviously, this only is a very small taste of what's in store, and even the programs listed above contain features that I won't list publicly. I will be focusing heavily on software in 2013, which means that you're going to get access to a lot of high-tech programs.
  • You Choose What Gets Made (Value: Priceless)

    One of the most valuable benefits of all, you get to help "guide" my decisions. You will be asked for your input on not only what software gets developed first, but what features are essential for each piece of software.

    Your input not only enables you to choose what kinds of software you will get free access to, it helps me identify what is most important to you and the consumers of my software.

    Selling Software Live Training Workshop
  • Held on January 2nd, 2012 at 12pm EST: Signed NDA Required (Value: Priceless)

OTO 2 (Downsale): Selling Software Workshop Only
Price: $27.00
Commission: 50%

Selling Software Live Training Workshop
  • Held on January 2nd, 2012 at 12pm EST: Signed NDA Required (Value: Priceless)

Launch: December 26th - January 2nd


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