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Product 1: Pinterest Authority -- $9.95

Product 2 (OTO): Pinterest VA Profit Machines -- $27.00

Launch: Tuesday, Aug 21st

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JV Contest -

Most Sales From
Aug 21 to midnight Aug 27th

1) $250.00 Cash

2) $100.00 Cash

3) $ 75.00 Cash

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5) $ 25.00 Cash


There is a lot of confusion about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic and make money by Affiliate Marketing. The early days of Pinterest was like the Wild West. But now that things have settled down and Pinterest is starting to adopt standards and best practices. So, it's urgent that people understand how they can tap into the millions of users of Pinterest and do it the RIGHT way so they can build a continuous ever growing stream of buyers from this huge traffic spigot.

The lead in product has 6 Modules:

  • Module #1: "Why Pinterest Matters"
  • Module #2: "Pinterest Walkthrough"
  • Module #3: "Paths to Pinterest Profit"
  • Module #4: "Pin Mass Exposure"
  • Module #5: "Pinterest Profits - Driving Traffic"
  • Module #6: "Pinterest Profits - Affiliate Mogul"
Each Module has Video, MP3 and a PDF.

Also includes 5 Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Pinterest Authority Notesheet
(Great for quick-and-easy reference of ALL 3+ hours of content.)

Bonus #2: Pinterest Authority Powerpoint Slide Deck
(Provided in case there was anything in the slides that you missed.)

Bonus #3: "Perfect Pinning Partners" Checklist
(HUGE bonus. 100,000+ unique affiliate products you can make money from.)

Bonus #4: Gillian's Pinterest Graphics Resource Zip
(Helps you "spruce up" your Pinterest images to make them more re-pinable.)

Bonus #5: Pinning Pinterest Affiliate Links 101 (Quick "how-to" guide on how to find affiliate links for certain merchants.)

Launch: August 21st - August 27th


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