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Product 1: Images Made Easy

Launch: Tuesday, June 19th

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Brian Johnson, John S. Rhodes, Wil Mattos, Tim Castleman, Jason Fladlien, Jay Boyer


There is a lot of confusion about where to find images that you can use without running into legal issues. Just FYI, a few years ago i unknowingly used some Getty Images pictures on a website and ended up having to pay them $3400 to keep from being taken to court. Every since then I've been very careful about images and I am well versed in sourcing images the right way.

The lead in product is a Video + PDF. The Backend is a software product that makes it very easy to find the images.

Bonus 1:Drawings Made Easy.

Video and PDF that shows how to use free software to turn images into drawings and cartoons. Very cool stuff!

Bonus 2:Fiction Covers Made Easy.

How to very quickly find images to use for Fiction eBook Covers

Launch: June 19th - June 28th


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Tuesday, June 19th - Noon EDT

SUBJECT: My friend got busted for copyright infringement :(


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SUBJECT: Scary: My friend got busted for copyright infringement :(


eMail Swipe 3

SUBJECT: Are you sure the images you are using are legal?

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